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Little progress made on St Annes Library repairs

Posted on: April 30th, 2018 by admin

If you’ve noticed a lack of any sort of work being carried out on St Annes Library that’s because there hasn’t been any. Even worse, Lancashire County Council can’t promise a date as to when the work will even begin.

It is now months since part of the ceiling collapsed and the library was temporarily closed with the promise that it would re-open shortly. It appears that the main beam holding up the library roof is in a bad state of repair, so it’s likely that repairs will be lengthy and costly.

Years of complacency and a lack of basic maintenance by Lancashire County Council means that they are facing a huge repair bill before it can re-open again.

Why haven’t we been kept aware of this lack of progress? Why haven’t our councillors been upfront and honest with us? Is the funding even in place to ensure that the building will re-open as a library again? This lack of transparency is inexcusable; the people of St Annes deserve better.

There will be a meeting of the Town Council at 7.00 pm on 22 May in the St Annes Palace, 18 Garden St. St Annes. Please do try and attend so that our town councillors are in no doubt about how we feel and can put pressure on Lancashire County Council.