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Majestic murder solved!

Posted on: August 3rd, 2015 by admin

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The Friends of St Annes Library and other guests proved to be a canny group of sleuths on Saturday (1 August), when they put their detective skills to good use in solving the mystery of who murdered the guest at the Majestic Hotel.

The Windmill Players acted out a mystery play where everyone had a motive for murdering the unpopular guest. After the play had finished, the audience was invited to question each of the ‘suspects’ Once the questioning had finished, members of the audience enjoyed a glass of wine while they identified the murderer and gave their reasons why.

Congratulations to ‘Team Bostock’ who not only identified the killer but also provided the correct clues that led them to the right decision. They won a pair of tickets of see an upcoming performance by the Windmill Players and a box of chocolates.

It was lovely to see so many new faces at this event and FoSAL would like to thank everyone who attended. We hope to see you at some of out future events.

And an especially big thanks to the Windmill Players for making this evening such a success!